It was a calm day, unusually quiet as I floated there in the water on the eastern edge of the country. I heard the ripples of water crash around me and thought about the last week. Our first stop was Charleston, South Carolina. It took somewhere between ten and eleven hours to drive down, and then we stayed with Logan's parents in a historic inn. Charleston is a quaint town, full of history and not overly large. During a horse carriage ride, we learned that no building can be built taller than the St. Michael's Episcopal Church seen below.

If you are visiting Charleston I definitely recommend taking a tour. It offers a lot of amazing information we would not have otherwise learned. Our horse, Max, was apparently one of the slower horses, so the tour lasted longer than most, clocking in at around an hour and fifteen minutes.

Throughout the town you will notice these acorn looking statues. They are actually supposed to be pineapples... I won't ruin the story but this is what happens when someone tries to explain what a pineapple looks like to someone who has never seen one in person.

Food wise - we ate at all the hot spots including Fleet Landing, Poogan's Porch, and Magnolia. I highly recommend visiting all three of these places but Magnolia ended up being my favorite of the three. The duck here was hands down the best I've ever had. I had no idea you could serve duck rare! Fleet Landing is right on the water and offers some great views...

At night Charleston offers a cool historic night market that features local artists and street music. In my opinion the items actually worth spending your money on are few and far between. The kind of things you buy and forget about until years later when you try to move...

One of the great things about Charleston that I mentioned earlier is the size. You could easily visit for three short days like we did and get the "full" Charleston experience. Here are some more pictures I took while we strolled around exploring the town.

I noticed that there was one particular flower found everywhere. After a bit of research I learned they are called Lagerstroemia or more commonly known as crepe myrtles.

Before heading out we decided to grab some brain juice at Kudu Coffee in Charleston. This place was bumping, but worth the wait. We were in Charleston two years prior and two coffee shops that were open back then are now closed. It's possible that the smaller selection could explain why Kudu was so busy; that, or it was simply the quality brew.

After spending three days in Charleston we hit the road and traveled an hour and a half up to Pawley's Island for some quality family time. It's a small island, a bit south from Myrtle Beach. Believe it or not Logan's family has been coming here for over fifty years!

Once we arrived in Pawley's Island we were ready to relax on the beach for the next five days. Between consuming our fair share of Coronas and experiencing the annual family shrimp boil we decided to get up early for the sunrise, something we do almost every year. This year I brought my drone, a Mavic Pro. I am not the best pilot, but I was happy with the footage I got. Check out the video below to see my favorite shots.

While I was piloting my drone Logan snapped this cool picture of me, it was just too bad ass not to show.

It was an amazing week. Being able to catch up with friends and family was a wonderful experience. Our whole trip was planned around this week since Logan's family goes at the same time every year. It made perfect sense for us to depart when we did. I took in the events as best I could, gaining a better appreciation for the people around me. Some how, no matter how hard you try, time slips right through your fingers. Some things are simply out of your control. As I was floating in the water I lifted myself, swimming before standing upright, I gazed out towards the horizon for what felt like an eternity. I caught one final symbolic wave in and before I knew it this part of the trip was over.

I know we will be back, but this year was obviously different for us. There were a few tears that were shed, but the amount of support we received from everyone is everything we could have asked for. Until next time South Carolina. I'll end this post with a photo of a decorative design accent I found on the side of a building in Charleston.