If you followed my previous post, you would know that Logan and I stayed three nights in chilly Telluride, Colorado. We departed from an altitude of 8,750 feet and set out for Moab, Utah, around 4,000 feet above sea level. You'll see pictured above, our 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. At this point in the trip, we hadn't had any mechanical problems, but I knew the biggest challenge was ahead. When we arrived in the small town of Moab, the temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Quite a jump from the icy lows that we experienced in Colorado.

A Bumpy Start

So here's the deal, Logan and I were planning on camping in Moab. We thought to ourselves way back when we planned this trip that dry heat was bearable. However, when we arrived at our campsite, we couldn't do it, I don't think our bodies were transitioned for the climate because we noped right out of there. We booked a last minute Airbnb, pictured on the right. Everyone that warned us it would be too warm, well, you were right.

After a good night's sleep, we headed to Arches National Park. I took some fantastic shots that day, notice the tiny little people in the shot above.

A Visceral Connection

We ended up spending all day in the park. There is something to be said about visiting places like this and traveling as a whole. Time can slow down if even just for a moment, and its in those moments that you hopefully experience something visceral. Something that you didn't know you were missing but feels right. Sitting here, quarantined because of COVID-19, I remember standing next to these massive natural formations. To see and feel the textures up close, you take that home with you. It is easy to feel like a kid again. Over the last couple of weeks, I've relived this part of the trip through editing these photos and making the article thumbnail animation. It has given me a tiny sliver of optimism that we can hopefully soon resume our regular lives.

Some Cool Rocks

As we traveled throughout the land, I took as many shots as I could. I saw some pretty cool rocks.

Below is a collection of my favorite panoramic photos I took that day.

One of my favorite photos of the day can be seen below.

We took this winding and uneven road out of the park. It took around 45 minutes if I recall, as we navigated through the terrain in our Crosstrek.

I hope you enjoyed a quick look at my trip last Summer. Hopefully, it was moderately entertaining.