Winter is here in Southern California, and with the fresh start to a new year, I've been reminiscing about the summer. I'm constantly circling back and thinking of my time spent driving across the country. For our ninth stop along the way, we ended up in Telluride, Colorado, for two nights in the wilderness.

The Drive

The transition we experienced during this part of the trip was nothing short of...distracting. No, but seriously, the views were breathtaking. How was I supposed to keep my eyes on the road? The mountains glimmered as you passed by; the thick layers of snow were melting as we arrived during the warmest part of the year. It was a sight to see, and pictures truly cannot capture the awesome feeling of the surrounding landscapes.

The Campsite

Logan and I drove for hours through the winding roads. Our destination was Matterhorn Campground, right outside of Telluride. We quickly found out that this time of year was busy and that we should have reserved our tent site. We passed by multiple locations, all of them already occupied.  After a short term panic attack, we found a spot. But, after talking to one of the campsite employees, we were told that this site was only available for one night. We planned on staying for two. Luckily another camper was packing up and suggested we take her spot. We gladly accepted.

Just check out these views from the campsite.

This shot was from up the road.

I busted out my drone and got some video of this amazing valley. My drone footage is totally amateur, it was a fun experience nonetheless.

While camping here, we could dramatically feel the difference in altitude. The campground was nestled into the terrain at 8,500 feet. We had high hopes of hiking, and ended up taking a short hike on the trail connected to the campground. Admittedly, we didn't make it as far as we would have liked to! I mean, we did drive through the south for the majority of our trip, so we could really feel the change in atmosphere.

Alta Townsite

One of the highlights of this part of the trip was our drive up the mountain to Alta Lakes and the Alta Townsite, a ghost town that was used by Nicola Tesla and George Westinghouse for generating alternating current electricity. The mountain was so steep, it's hard to believe that it was utilized all those years ago. There was a beautiful campground at the top of the mountain that surrounded these lakes pictured below. Also had to get some shots of the our Crosstrek that braved it up the narrow and winding trail.

Logan is always drawn to wildflowers, so she took this shot.

What a Ride

After camping for 2 nights, we were ready for a pampered night in a hotel to recoup for our next part of the trip. Telluride was such an awesome place and had the cutest main street full of shops and restaurants. The town is home to music and film festivals, so we definitely want to go back and spend more time there! Here are some final shots we took of the town on the free gondola that connects to the ski village.