This is my first post in a bit, my plan was to create posts shortly after leaving each destination, but I am beginning to realize just how much time it takes to make content like this. We are enjoying this trip so much and I'm choosing to focus on being in the moment rather than letting these posts consume my time. On top of that, wireless internet connection is, unsurprisingly, not readily available across the country. Who would have thought? Actually, as I write this I am off the grid and it's a beautiful thing. I am working on posts and will continue to document the trip when I am in California. Okay, now that I've said that let's get this show started...

After driving for close to seven hours we arrived at our third stop New Orleans, Louisiana. Our excitement came to a halt when we arrived at our Airbnb, the place wasn't cleaned... Although the owner quickly made things right, it's funny how a simple thing like that can alter a first impression. We aren't ones to dwell, and once we were finally settled we found a classy restaurant, Jack Rose, located in the Pontchartrain Hotel. It was just up the street and had some of the best short rib on this planet.

The rooftop bar was also something we really enjoyed, the views were spectacular.

The next day we grabbed some coffee before touring St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Visitors are only allowed to view this cemetery with a permitted tour guide. It's the only one in the city where a guide is required... more on that later, but the main reason is vandalism.

Check out this little guy hanging out. I caught him right as we walked in.

You are probably going to think this next photo isn't straight. It is. The wall is leaning. We found out that New Orleans is sinking at an alarming rate of three inches a year, which has recently increased. Notice the arches at the bottom right of the photo. Those aren't design features, those are actually a row of tombs that have been sinking.

You may also notice that there aren't ground burial tombstones anywhere in New Orleans. New Orleans is built on swamp land, if they buried the bodies in a swamp they would just rise to the surface. Creepy, I know.

This pyramid tomb is owned by Nicolas Cage. He also purchased a house in New Orleans that he, and others, believe cursed him... at least that's the rumor around town according to our tour guide.

The tomb is near Marie Laveau's, a famous voodoo preistess, and he hopes this will help break the curse. If you think about it, when was the last time Nicolas Cage had a hit? But who knows the real reason, maybe he just digs the city?

Read this, cool stuff... lots of history here.

These roses cover Bernard de Marigny's gravesite. He's rumored to have brought the game of Craps to the States. He discovered the game known as "Hazards" in England, and when played in New Orleans, creoles compared it to looking like a toad, or crapaud... then tansforming the name to craps.

A look at some other tombs that are in this site. There were a surprising amount of crumbling structures, some even abandoned.

After that we went over to Jackson Square, named for Andrew Jackson. There's a lot of history here, including that it was the site of the Louisiana Purchase.

Logan struck a pose. She liked the trees in the background. I agreed, they were some cool looking trees. Killed it babe.

A wider view of Jackson Square...

Right next store is this little place, Cafe Du Monde.

These beignets were pretty good. I am more of a churros guy though...

Some more cool shots I took when we were floating around in the French Quarter.

We then got lunch at Napoleon House and headed back to the Airbnb to relax and cool off. New Orleans is so hot and humid and it caught up with us pretty quickly.

That night we grabbed some dinner at a great local restaurant (outside of the touristy area) called Paladar 511 and afterwards saw this band perform live at Bachannal. Super chill vibes.

The next day we took the street car down to Audubon Park for a stroll.

For lunch we went to Central Grocery and Deli. Check this place out! It reminds of Penn Mac, a store back home in Pittsburgh that is in the Strip District.

They claim to have made the original muffuletta. If you aren't familiar with the sandwich, it has the same name as the type of Sicilian bread it's made on, and includes italian deli meats, cheese and olive salad. What's not to love?

After that we walked basically across the street to the French Market. We bought some delicious smoothies to help cool us off.

Here's an image of a street in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

We then went to the New Orleans Museum of Art, they had a large varieties of genres and mediums. We have an annual membership for the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, which includes reciprocity at over 400 museums across the country. So we actually had free admission to the museum.

Here are some of my favorites I saw.

There was also a Kandinsky painting there that I forgot to take a picture of... I had his style in mind when designing the abstract thumbnail for this post. The city is so bumping with life. From the music, diversity, history, and nightlife, my goal was to convey the culture with a feeling of movement and explosion. Kandinsky's style felt right for this post so I rolled with it.

New Orleans was a blast, while it was hot and humid we totally enjoyed ourselves. It's good to now have a better understanding of the city if I ever return, finding areas in a city that you enjoy can be tough. Knowing what you are into is half of the battle.

I'll leave you with a little highlight of the trip... we saw the Grammy Award-winning Rebirth Brass Band at Maple Leaf Bar. This was our last stop in New Orleans.

That about wraps it up, on to Austin, Texas next!